God Vs Empire

The Good Samaritan* 
*2020 Covid-19 addition

And behold, a certain Dr Fauci stood up and put on his mask saying, “This is what you must do to protect your life.” (pointing to his mask).

He said to the governments and churches, this is right: this do and thou shalt live.

And he, willing to justify himself, said unto the people, “stay six feet from your neighbor?”

Facebook, Instagram, and all social media joined the webinar and said,  A certain man left with his essential worker form, to go to work at GameStop, and fell among anti maskers, who stripped him of his mask, gloves, and sanitizer, and departed, leaving him for dead.

But a certain Antivacciner, who didn’t trust the science, walked illegally, outside, unmasked, un vaccinated, and disregarding social distancing,  creating super spreaders, went where the worker was. When he saw him, he had compassion on him, thinking he could help more than a mask could.

He went to him, picked him up by touching him, cleaned up his wounds, but realizing the man would soon bleed to death, waved down a police officer. 

The lights on the police car came on, the officer left his the car and told them they were not following the Stay-at-home order, were violating the mask mandate, were and breaking the 6 foot barrier, and that if they didn’t separate and Mask Up®, they would be placed under arrest.

From his radio came a voice stating that backup was needed to put a preacher in jail. Who’s Church was still holding services. The officer took his hand off his gun and immediately left the scene.  

They both walked to the emergency room. A time temp employee with 2 weeks of Covid safety training, turned them away because the digital thermometer couldn’t log his temperature along with a digital image of his face to servers in China.

Boarding a bus to get him to the next nearest hospital, the bad citizen was kicked from the bus when he couldn’t show his CDC Covid vaccine papers.

The both came to a city hall, a simple sign on the locked doors read… We are closed to flatten the curve and or because we took Covid relief money and don’t want to have to pay it back, be back in One month, Three months, nine months, 12 months…if emergency… try the Dollar Store.

And likewise a mayor, when he was at that place, came and looked on him, while he pocketed his City’s Covid Stimulus Check, passed by on the other side of the government building.

Walking past people at Walmart wearing, pajamas and self made masks, and carrying out their 4K TVs bought with Covid Stimulus checks, they find what’s needed to heal the worker. Their purchase is rejected because the store can no longer accept cash, because of all the Covid cooties on it,  and that’s all Antivacciner has.

While he had strength still within him, he called his doctor and after downloading Zoom per requirements of the office, remembers the last thing his doctor said before he passed out; “Sorry I just can’t really bandage your head through my tablet.”

And by chance there came down a certain Pastor that way, coming from his church where he just live streamed to his congregation how to use the newest app to pay their tithe while the church remains closed. Wanting to show the love, so as not to create more Covid cases, he passed by.

A social media influencer went by, knowing this was a great opportunity to get likes, stopped to help, but then realized that with poor phone reception a live steam wasn’t possible, so he threw up a peace sign and told his Über to drive on.

A man smoking a cigarette came by, and told him he would like to help, but that he had a compromised immune deficiency, and crossed to the other side of the street.

Going to his full time job at Dairy Queen a part time hero Covid testing site worker, practiced social distancing, tossed the stranded man a mask, but it fell just out of the man’s reach, It was closer than six feet from him so she couldn’t pick it up and try to re-throw it.

Around the corner came a woman, virtue signaling by wearing her mask alone inside her mini van, stopped to do a Facebook live stream, titled her video: Antivaxxer Gets His, while one of her many, used, dirty masks flew out the window, carried by the Covid infested wind.

The injured man used his Apple Pay, and on the way out the alarm beeps, Antivacciner refused to show his receipt, and found himself face first on the floor being electrocuted by the security guards taser gun. 

The injured essential worker is fatally shot in the heart by accident and dies instantly from Covid that entered into his mouth because it was unprotected by a mask.

While waiting to get booked into jail, Antivacciner watches as criminals are being released out of jail and let back into the public to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Which now of these, thinkest thou, said Bill Gates as he steps out from behind Fauci, was really a good citizen and truly essential to his government?

And the audience typed into the live chat, “Whosoever you tell us the good citizen is, our lords.”

Then a voice said, He that is good citizen is he, who we call good citizen. You have said well, good, and essential citizens, enter thou into sport arenas, concerts, restaurants, and all public buildings all with the benefit of your new implanted micro chip. Then Mark Zukerberg ends the worlds live Covid-19, Strand 33 , Wave 6, Kyrgyzstan variant hourly update.

Covid Churches & Cash

March 23 2020 Government Asks Only Essential Business To Stay Open


Churches were not on the list but these businesses were…

Landscaper Exterminators Dry Cleaners 

Marijuana Dispensaries Video Game Stores 

The first images of people and groups not obeying the new orders, mandates, or suggestions came streaming across media and into the eyes of those all around the world. 

It wasn’t long before news to began showing Americans getting their freedoms violated  by tyrants, hands behind their backs and handcuffed at the wrist. Videos surfaced of pastors being led into jail. These pastors understood the importance of Church regardless of the cost, jail, or public scorn.

Soon a real virus spread. Over the internet by binary code simple zeros and ones flying invisibly in the air entering the minds of those watching by digital screens.

The Virus… that Pastors that refused to comply were dangerous to society.

Leaders in Churches, fearing for their jobs, chose to close their doors rather than preaching that  freedom and truth comes from God, the creator, as is written in the Constitution and the Bible.

Pastors closed the doors to saints and sinners and sent an image to the world that the church is no longer essential or relevant. Some even to this day have not reopened.

Pastors Were Arrested 

Some pastors refused to close the doors to God’s house knowing that the hearing of God’s word is essential to man’s salvation and freedoms.

Those That Weren’t Remained Silent

Those pastors who closed their doors ran to the internet in order to maintain appearances of feeding God’s sheep.

While Others Preached Total Government Subjection

The live steams didn’t warn of the coming tyranny but encouraged and asked their people  to comply and not to  question.

While They Made Sure Their Congregation Could Give Digitally.

Most didn’t waste time making sure their members could still give money online.

Who Really Was Essential?

Eventually a list came out of what was essential. If you really wanted to stay open you could find something on the list that would keep your doors from being closed.  Even GameStop was able to use the list to continue operations. So why did so many churches close and still haven't reopened? Some out of fear, but others because they received PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) from the government. Over 7.3 Billion was given to religious groups. Could it be so they closed so they didn’t have to pay the PPP back?

 If your Church took PPP you must question why.

Remove These Men 

The book of 1 Timothy, chapter 6, helps to describe these men whom the Bible calls CORRUPT.

Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

For the love of money is the root of all evil

Has your church accepted PPP for no reason.

Have the doors been closed, yet they still expect your obedience to paying tithe ?

Casualties Of A Social Media Pandemic 

Churches from East to West began to close their doors because news and social media bombarded minds with post of how easy the virus could spread at church. Not many pastor put up a battle in regards to this misinformation. It was pandemic acceptable to go to Walmart and crowd around people digging into a bin of five dollar DVDs, like pigs going to the trough feeding on slop, but somehow it was dangerous to pray and seek comfort from the word of God and fellowship of the saints.

Internet usage went up 70%

Schools closed and children were at home unattended. Instead of discouraging internet use during this time and encouraging seeking God by His Word, pastors looked toward streaming. Statistics show that internet usage skyrocketed. Phones, Tablets, Computers, and Smart TVs made it easy for everyone to view images of pastors being arrested for carelessly assuming that Church was a necessity. The images burned into the mind of young children will effect how the church is dealt with in the future, now that the seed has been planted that church is not important to living. 

Congregations watched in pajamas while some sat on their couches eating out of bowls of cereal. Not ashamed, they even posted these images on their own social media feeds.  While young minds observed the images they saw that fellowship and God’s word weren’t  important.

Jesus said feed my sheep

Not Live stream my sheep  

Most pastors jumped on a trend not considering the outcome.

A person will spend over 30 years of his/her life looking at a screen, that number was before 2020. So what will it be now that pastors have gotten their congregation passive and lazily going to church over 5G? No one knows how much harm this will have on the next generations.

By now if you're pastors haven’t  figured out their importance in this world, please remove them, or find a new Church.

Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

God did not create Church to be online. Church is real. It's about feelings, singing, crying, laughing  and caring. It's about fellowship and interaction between God and man, nothing that can be done online. It's a vain pastor who thinks his preaching is all a person needs from Church.

The good news is smart Christians have left these bad Churches.The bad news is they may never go back to church at all.

If you’re a pastor who fell from your duty as a man of God, repent publicly now before God and before your congregation and stand for Gods people whom you’ve promised to feed.

Corona Virus

Human Corona Virus Mask up Covid-19 Great Reset Infection Mask Social Distance Lock Down Hero’s Work Here Wuhan China Stafford Act State of Emergency Churches Closed Quarantine #inthistogether six feet apart essential worker



The World Seeks To Save


Matthew 16:25

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.



The Stafford Act Was Signed on March 13th And The World Was Turned Upside Down

On March 13th President Trump signed the Stafford Act causing a COVID-19 emergency declaration in the United States. People were asked to stay at home. Businesses were asked to close and only essential were to stay open.

Normal life was postponed with a four week Stay-At-Home order. This was the first mandate to challenge the Constitution’s right to travel, freedom of movement, and pursuit of happiness. 


Mandates And Executive Orders Vs Constitution

Presidents, Governors, Countries, States, and Cities began pretending they were a legislative branch of government and could create law.

America has checks and balances in place to secure our freedom, health, and safety, given to us by the Constitution which declares that we have these rights, not because of man, but because they were given to us by GOD!

The Constitution is above any mandate or executive order. Neither is recognized as law. 

People were arrested for not wearing masks in public. Father's, Mothers, and those who wished to pursue happiness in a free country were forced into a harsh reality of tyranny.

A biological Virus that spread digitally 

Compared to the Spanish Flu, estimated to have killed 20% of the population, Covid-19 death rate stands at .2%

Social Media Infection 100%

But with the power of social media the fear of thee virus and of death has overcome most everyone.

Mask is no savior

Everyone who has ever lived has died. Death is 100% guaranteed.

Death isn’t new and the answer to living isn’t a mask.

Christ is Savior Freedom and life is only found by freely giving one’s self to the savior.

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the Lord shall be saved.

Violence Among The Innocent And Oppressed

Images began to fill social media soon after March 2020 of innocent people being arrested, beaten, handcuffed, thrown in jail, and separated from family and church. Pastors not only remained silent but they willingly closed their doors and some still have remained closed for over 12 months.

Psalm 82:2 How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.

Psalm 82:3 Defend the poor and fatherless:do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Beware of False Shepherds 

Jeremiah 23:1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! Saith the Lord. Pastors have accepted the image of Caesar (money) from the government and have closed the doors of the Church and have kept Gods people out. These are neither pastors, nor watchers over Christ’s sheep. If your pastor has closed the doors to God’s house and is still requesting you pay tithe; remove him or find a new church! Who’s voice is your pastor listening to?

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.



The Cult Of Covid

Quarantine and Social Distancing              Cults get members to join by isolating them from family and love ones.

Stimulus Checks                                            Cults use money to help a person out of financial troubles.

Social Media                                                   Cults use peer pressure and group influence to et people to join.

Exposure to Images of Death                      Cults use images to fear members from leaving or seeking help.

Safety                                                               Cults will promise the individual safety as long as they submit all their thoughts and common logic to the cult and never question them.

Magic Potions           Will promise spells and concoctions that will grant the user freedom, liberties, or blessings.


Are you or a loved one in a cult or being sought out by a cult member?

If you find yourself to weak to break free remember: 

John 1:12 But as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.

All I Really Needed
 To Know About Government
 I Learned in 2020

“The King is a mortal man, and not God, therefore he hath no power over the mortal soul of his subjects to make laws and ordinances for them and to set spiritual Lords over them.”      Thomas Helwys 1612


The lives of many should never be held in the hands of just a few. A wicked man trying to impose laws upon many wicked men makes no more sense than one single blind man leading many blind men.      


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof....

The first amendment was added to the Constitution in  December 15, 1791. It added to this text that all men have freedoms given to them from the Creator, God. Those are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, right to assemble and right to petition government.  In 2020 our federal and local government, have shown that they will take away any right and every right that has been given to the men and women of this great country. This is only the beginning if great men and women continue to be silent on this subject.

2020 is a wake up call to all men and women, Americans or not. This is a sign of what government has done, is doing, and will continue to do if good people do not speak out.

Jadon Hayden, age 20, tested positive for Covid.

So the state of Michigan had him moved into a nursing home where he beat a 75 year old man while posting it live to his social media account.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's March 25 order required nursing homes to admit patients who tested positive for Covid.

15,000 deaths were finally counted in New York nursing homes in 2020.

March 31st Americas Attacked For Constitutional Freedoms

Tony Spelling the pastor of a Christian Church was arrested early in the morning at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, because he refused to limit those who wanted to worship God at Church to only 10 people per service. On the 18th of the same month, the police waited outside to arrest him after a church service finished. He was told that if the Church continued to meet, the National Guard would be sent in to break up any future services that held more people than the state governor would allow. The governor at the time was Bel Edwards, who claims to also be a “person of faith…”.

Birmingham, Alabama

Off duty police officer arrest woman for not wearing mask.

This is after he picks her up and slams her directly on top of her head onto the Walmart 

33 year old dad Matt Mooney from Colorado

Was arrested in front of his six old daughter for not social distancing in an empty park. None of the officers had on masks during the arrest.

September 23 2020 Police Unlawfully Arrest Worshipers in Outdoor Service in Moscow, Idaho 

Cristian worshippers meet at Moscow City Hall Parking lot to exercise their right to peacefully assemble for worship and to protest their government. The local police kindly had painted on the ground the night before yellow dots six feet apart in the parking lot. The worshippers were told that if they did not keep a six feet distance from people who were not in their family they needed to have a mask on. As the songs began the police started to insert themselves into the gathered congregations. Three ended up being arrested, and serval refused to identify themselves due to the fact they were unlawfully arrested. One man was charged for not wearing a mask even though he was medically exempt due to the fact he has had a missing ear from birth. Those filming asked about the unlawful arrest and the police answered “Sorry we are just doing our jobs.”


Is defined as blind submission to authority and the removal of individual freedom or thought of action. This is exactly the opposite of what God desires from His creation, man and woman. In fact God Himself created man to have individual thoughts and allows him freedom of will.  Pastors who preach Romans 13 means nonresistance to government do it in error and at worst do it with full knowledge that it’s a lie, because they love money and prefer the praise of men rather than the praise of God. These type of men are willing to sell out not only their own souls, but the souls of  other men and women into chains of totalitarianism.


History shows that the chains of oppression from government can be stopped by Patriots and Christians submitting their lives to the truth of scripture that all men are created equal and God will judge all nations of the evil they have committed against mankind.

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